2022 International Conference on Applied Physics and Engineering Technology
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Welcome Prof. Guanjun Xiao, Jilin University, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Guanjun Xiao, Jilin University, China

Guanjun Xiao is currently a full professor of State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials, Jilin University, China. He was selected as "Young Changjiang Scholars" of the Ministry of Education (2019). His scientific interests focus on the high-pressure physics and chemistry of low-dimensional materials, which will promote the potential applications in the fields of pressure switch, pressure sensing, and trademark security. He has successfully achieved the energy band modulation, irreversible phase transition, pressure-induced emission (PIE) and emission enhancement (PIEE) of low-dimensional materials. In recent years, he has published more than 60 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, including Nature Commun (1), JACS (5), Angew Chem (5), Adv Mater (1), Chem Sci (1), and CCS Chem. (1) etc, which enable the citations exceeding 1500 giving him an h-index of 25. He was appointed as the youth editorial board members for Energy & Environmental Materials (EEM) and SmartMat.

肖冠军,吉林大学唐敖庆学者卓越教授(B),博士生导师,入选教育部 “国家重大人才工程奖励计划” 青年学者(2019),The Innovation、SmartMat和EEM青年编委,中国化学会高压化学专委会委员,吉林省青科协理事。长期从事高压物理和高压化学研究,利用高压这个独特的热力学参量,系统地研究了极端压缩条件下低维材料的光学特性和结构相变,与合作者创新性提出了“压力诱导发光”的概念,成功实现了高压相的“截获”,揭示了电子结构、相变路径、状态方程以及载流子动力学的压力效应,为设计和制备具有特定功能的低维材料提供了新方法,在压力开关、压力传感、防伪和信息存储等领域具有重要的潜在应用。在Nature Commun、JACS、Angew Chem和Adv Mater等国际期刊发表论文60余篇,申请国家发明专利10项。