2022 International Conference on Applied Physics and Engineering Technology
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Welcome Prof. Cong Wang, Beihang University, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Cong Wang, Beihang University, China

His research interests are in the fields of condensed matter physics, spintronics and solar energy physics. He got his Ph. D in 1995 from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), China. He was also an Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) research fellow, due to his working in Institute of Physical Chemistry, University of Karlsruhe in Germany from 2,1998-5,1999. He began to work as Associate Professor in Beihang University from 7, 1999, and got his Professor Position in Dept. of Physics, Beihang University from 7, 2003.

He has published about 240 papers with the total SCI citation index above 3000, 13 national patents. He is the Board Member of Chinese Physics Society and Chinese Crystallography Society, vice-director of Powder X-ray Diffraction Committee in Chinese Physics Society, vice-director of Ecomaterial Committee in Chinese Material Society, member of Phase Diagram and Phase Transition Committee in Chinese Physics Society, member of International Center  for  Diffraction  Data  (ICDD, USA). He is Editor-in-chief of Journal of Solar Energy Research Updates, and the Editorial Board member of these Journals: Journal of Materiomics, Materials China, J. Chinese Ceramic Society, J. of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Hans J. of Nanotechnology, NAT, etc.

北京航空航天大学集成电路科学与工程学院教授,博士生导师。1995年中科院物理所获博士学位。在Adv. Mater.,Phys. Rev. 系列, Chem. Mater.等刊物发表论文240余篇,SCI他引超过3500次;译著:《固态表面、界面与薄膜》(高等教育出版社,2019年)。2012年获得教育部(科学技术)自然科学二等奖(第四)。2020年获得中国材料研究学会科学技术(基础研究类)二等奖(第一)。现兼任中国物理学会理事,中国晶体学会理事,Journal of Solar Energy Research Updates 主编,中国物理学会粉末衍射专业委员会副主任,中国材料学会环境材料委员会副主任,国家能源太阳能热发电技术研发中心技术委员会委员,国际衍射数据中心(ICDD)委员,中国物理学会相图委员会委员,IEEE PES 储能技术委员会(中国)储能材料与器件分委会委员。2020年被评为爱思唯尔(Elsevier)中国被高引学者。《北京航空航天大学学报》、《硅酸盐学报》、《Journal of Materiomics》、《中国材料进展》、《凝聚态物理学进展》、《Current Chinese Science (Field: Energy)》等杂志编委。研究领域:①类钙钛矿化合物的晶体/磁结构、及其关联的磁、电、热输运性质, 如压磁效应、磁致伸缩、磁热效应、零电阻温度系数、反常(负/低/零)热膨胀性质等;②自旋电子学材料与器件;③光热转换、辐射致冷薄膜以及光-热-电探测等。